The Highlands Group partners with Endocyte to build Endocyte University

The Highlands Group partners with a biopharmaceutical company that maximizes the potential of small molecule drug conjugates (SMDCs) with companion imaging agents to create a year-long Leadership Development University for the company’s directors and managers. The development experience will include:

  • Learning and application of content such as leadership vs. management, true dialogue, difficult conversations, organization and team effectiveness, coaching skills, engagement, leading and managing change, and decision making
  • In-class adult learning exercises combined with virtual team sessions and coaching
  • Ropes course experiences and guest speakers
  • Individual and organizational assessments
  • Individual development plans

Results are in: Executive Leadership Team Improves Year-over-Year

After working with a senior leadership team in the medical field for two years, we surveyed the group to determine progress. The results are impressive. The team has worked hard on individual relationships, delegation and empowerment skills, decision-making skills, developing trust, and building capability to lead and manage work groups. We are excited to see huge improvement in team scores—some of the highest we have seen in years.




The Highlands Group signs coaching contract with Cenovus Energy

Each leader will have individual coaching to identify the areas for development that will have the greatest impact on their leadership. Each leader will craft an individual Leadership Development Plan including a vision that includes objectives for the leader’s business and personal environments. Elements of the coaching process will include:

  • Assessing strengths using the Leadership Circle Profile™ and the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument™.
  • Understanding reality vs. vision and developing the motivation and commitment for change.
  • Redirecting energy from reactive patterns to creative competencies.
  • Developing new skills to move forward.

Big South Region, Comcast

Consultants from The Highlands Group engaged with the senior leadership team from Comcast’s Big South Region to kick-off a year-long leadership project to provide consultation, leadership training, and team development. Participants will explore the region’s strategy, leadership and management practices, and customer service and quality issues. This engagement is part of a larger project to improve customer ratings over the next year, and is helping the region be one of the top performers in the country.

Leading Change

Cenovus selected The Highlands Group to help the organization remain competitive and resilient in the oil industry. The Executive Team recognizes that challenging times are unique opportunities for firms to retool their organization—not only to weather the storm, but to emerge as a stronger and more effective organization. The Highlands Group is honored to partner with Cenovus to build organizational capacity through delivering change leadership courses, building an effective Executive Team, and aligning senior leaders through leader summit business meetings. Leaders are learning about leading and managing change effectively across the organization, modeling and encouraging new behaviors, building their own change capability, engaging employees in the change process, and aligning the organization to deliver results.

The Highlands Group works with OPEC Fund for International Development

Our consultants recently completed an international assignment in Vienna, Austria with OFID’s senior leaders—OPEC’s fund for international development. In partnership with Keenan-Flagler Business School of the University of North Carolina, we lead the first ever leadership retreat exploring strategy, leadership, team effectiveness and customer service. With positive team reviews and outcomes, the team has committed to continue development on a yearly basis.

The Highlands Group signs a contract with Cenovus Energy to enable organizational change

The focus of the partnership will be to:

  1. Research, develop, and adopt a standardized change framework, process, methodology, and toolkit that can be implemented across Cenovus.
  2. Centralize change resources from across the business into a centralized change office.
  3. Build a learning strategy to meet the capability requirements of leading, managing, and sustaining change broadly within the organization.
  4. Provide change consultant resources to partner with the business to enable employees to adapt to change.
  5. Create a culture of change that enables results.

The Highlands Group creates a leadership development program for Endocyte

Leadership development will include team effectiveness, leadership coaching, improved decision effectiveness, strategic clarity, and values creation.

TRClark and The Highlands Group announce release of The Employee Engagement Mindset

After five years of research in 35 different organizations and across 13 different industries, TRCLARK and The Highlands Group announce the release of their highly anticipated book The Employee Engagement Mindset published by McGraw-Hill


The Highlands Group rolls out a new leading change program for Suncor

The Highlands Group rolls out a new leading change program for Suncor to help leaders increase their ability to lead change, engage people in change, and receive and take care of self during change.