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Award Winning Article: Looking to manage change successfully? It is dependent on alignment at every level

Article Writing Team: Kendall Lyman, Tony Daloisio


To become a great agent of change, you need to diagnose impediments and create remedies. And to achieve alignment, you must focus on individual behavior, the functions of teams, and the organization as a whole. In this article, we detail how both inside-out and outside-in approaches (Table I) are necessary to create alignment. As leaders or OD professionals, you must understand the interrelationship between each of these levels – systems thinking – and its crucial importance in leading successful change initiatives.

Book Writing Team: Tim Clark, Conrad Gottfredson, Kendall Lyman, Shane Cragun, Scott Savage, Mike Baer, Tobias Kiefer, Alistair Aitchison

Praise For the Book

An outstanding companion guide for anyone interested in high engagement.”  Vai Sikahema, NBC Philadelphia Sports Anchor, Former NFL All-Pro, Philadelphia Eagles

“It offers a blueprint for high engagement that really works.” Patricia Longshore, Vice President, Duke Corporate Education

“After experiencing The Employee Engagement Mindset, your leadership team will not approach this facet of exceptional leadership the same way again. The research is eye opening!”—Grady Grant III, Vice President of Sales (retired), Neuroscience, Eli Lilly

“This is a worthy read for every aspiring leader.” Douglas R. Conant, former president and CEO, Campbell Soup Company
“It unlocks the door to our own personal and professional connectedness.” Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times best-selling author.

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Book Writing Team: Vernal Dell-Piana, Murray Low, Kendall Lyman


A successful business strategy involves assessing the current direction of the business and comparing that course to the direction required to succeed in a changing environment.  The Business Strategy Audit provides you with the tools information and commitment you need to evaluate your company’s current strategy.  The audit enables you to determine whether a change in your business strategy is needed and what the necessary change should be.  It ensures you can:

• Conduct an external environmental assessment

• Complete an organizational assessment

• Create an audit Plan and analyze the audit results

• Implement a business strategy audit based on the findings

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Writing Team: Kendall Lyman, Shane Cragun, Jim Dowling

Summarizes the critical need for change management when organizational transformation or change occurs. Includes nine white papers about change:

1. Introduction: A Case for Change Management
2. Change Readiness Assessment
3. Change Management Team Chartering
4. Stakeholder Assessment and Commitment
5. Business Case for Change
6. Communication Strategy and Plan
7. Risk Assessment and Management
8. Personal Impact of Change
9. Post-Implementation Audit

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