Dave Jennings

Consulting Partner

Dave Jennings helps leaders accelerate results. Whether it’s an organizational change or individual transformation, he helps leaders get there faster. In the trenches with executives implementing global strategic change initiatives in complex organizations, he understands the risks, stresses, and opportunities.

At Intel, his insights empowered a leader to save $12 million in one conversation. At Microsoft, his expertise facilitated award-winning changes. He has coached, trained, prodded, and cajoled thousands of leaders and high-potentials from blue-chip companies such as Deloitte, ExxonMobil, Honda, Dupont, and Panasonic. He has spoken internationally with leaders from more than 50 countries. He co-created the Microsoft Leading Change Program and delivered it globally. He was rated the #1 speaker at the Microsoft Leadership Conference.

Dave is known for listening better than any other consultant. Leaders connect with Dave because he provides pragmatic ideas with specific tools without any ego or arrogance. He creates a place of high trust.

His new book—Showing Up: How Leaders Connect, Influence, and Deliver Results—is coming out in 2014. His acclaimed book—Catapulted: How Great Leaders Succeed Beyond Their Experience—has been used by Fortune 500s as part of their high-potential leadership programs. Forbes, The Washington Post, TheSteet.com and Fox News depend on Dave for expert commentary. His doctoral research was in Change Resilience.  Contact Dave at [email protected] or 801.318.5536.